Quinta Kamado Classic

-Temperature Control-
Set your temperature and walk away. Not just a dream but what you can actually do with a Quinta Kamado. They are so easy to control that you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations, charcoal dying out or going out. This is why you can easily cook a Low ‘n’ Slow for 6 hours plus without checking every half hour.


Quinta Kamado Small

-Moisture Retention-
The ceramic build of a Kamado means it has the build of an AGA. It is a sealed ceramic unit which means that moisture remains within the food, therefore making it very hard to overcook and dry out your food and is a lot more forgiving than a traditional BBQ. 

​A Kamado BBQ does everything you need to create the best outdoor recipes. If you love to bake why not use it for breads, cakes and puddings. Imagine the combined cost of buying a BBQ, Hot Smoker, Pizza Oven and Outdoor Oven; now compare with the price of a Quinta Kamado. No contest.


​Quinta Kamado BBQ

-Fuel Efficiency-
You should only use lump charcoal, this adds the wonderful extra flavour and lasts a lot longer than briquettes. The ceramic acts like an insulated oven, it automatically uses less charcoal than a traditional BBQ and can last for hours. When you have finished cooking and close down your Kamado, the charcoal stops burning through, so  next time you simply need to stoke the charcoal to remove the ash and relight.

Quinta Kamado XL
Quinta Kamado Large

The affordable, hand made ceramic Kamado BBQ
The British Brand for Kamados 

Starting from £299 delivered to your door
(UK delivery only)