Our Warranty

Quinta Kamado Limited Lifetime (20 Years) Warranty warrants to the original purchaser that the ceramic cooker manufactured or supplied by Quinta Kamado Ltd will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for the following periods from the original date of purchase:

Limited lifetime (20 Years) for all ceramic parts, Five (5) years for all metal parts, One (1) year for temperature gauge, gasket and cover, 90-days for side shelves.

This Limited Lifetime (20 Years) Warranty is within 30 days from the date of purchase along with a copy of the original dated sales receipt. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty. Any chips or cracks in the finish of the ceramic cooker present at the time of purchase must be noted on the original dated sales receipt.

This Warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners.

If any product covered by this Warranty is defective due to a covered warranty condition, such product will, at the option of  Quinta Kamado Ltd, be repaired to its original condition or replaced with a comparable new product or part. The repair and/or replacement of parts shall constitute the extent of the liability and obligations of  Quinta Kamado Ltd under this Warranty.

Purchaser is required to provide photographic evidence to assess the damage when submitting claim. Scratches, cracks, chips, dents, grazing, or minor cosmetic blemishes of the exterior glaze not affecting performance are not covered under warranty, as determined by  Quinta Kamado Ltd.

This Warranty does not cover damages caused by improper assembly, improper care, failure to follow directions of use, misuse, abuse, negligence, extreme environmental conditions, normal wear and tear, accidents, acts of nature, or unauthorised repair, alteration or modification, as determined by  Quinta Kamado Ltd.

This Warranty does not apply to chips or cracks in the ceramic cooker which may occur after the ceramic cooker is purchased by the original purchaser.  Quinta Kamado Ltd is not liable for any default or delay in its performance under this Warranty that is caused by any circumstances beyond its control.

This Warranty will be invalidated if any liquids, including starter lighter fluid, are poured on or in the ceramic cooker. The protective coating of the ceramic cooker can be compromised by substances or conditions that are beyond  Quinta Kamado Ltds’ control. While  Quinta Kamado Ltd uses rust-resistant materials, the Warranty as to metal parts does not cover rust or oxidation unless the structural integrity of the ceramic cooker is compromised as determined by  Quinta Kamado Ltd.

This Warranty does not cover purchases with unauthorised re sellers and/or third parties. Warranty coverage is limited to products purchased at an authorised re seller only. Commercial use and related applications are not covered under this Warranty. Warranty coverage is based on normal residential use and maintenance.  Quinta Kamado Ltd shall not be liable for any delay or default under this Warranty caused by any event or contingency beyond  Quinta Kamado Ltds control. This includes acts of nature, fire, government restrictions or restraints, strikes, reduced supply of materials or transportation delays.